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The Dwarf King's Final Stand by Marvin000 The Dwarf King's Final Stand by Marvin000
Some of you, may not know this, but I'm a big fan of drawing fantasy inspired and related images.  Recently, I was inspired by 3 images that popped into my head, that were all fantasy related drawings, which I felt compelled to commit to an art board.  And this was one of the 3 images, that popped into my head, which is called, the Dwarf King's Final Stand.

Essentially, the back story behind this piece is that the Dwarves are looking for locations that they can settle, for their already overpopulated lands, and have gone looking for suitable areas, when they stumbled upon this long forgotten and abandoned ancient city build underground.  Lo and behold, they discover that the reason, that the city was left abandoned, was due to the fact that a dragon, had found it to it's liking and now made it, it's home, driving away the original inhabitants.

The Dwarf King, seeing this an opportunity to help save his people, decides to launch an attack upon the dragon, with his trusty warriors, and is willing to sacrifice himself by attacking the dragon head on, in an attempt to buy his warriors some time to get into position with their dragon spears, in order to properly destroy the dragon. 
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September 18, 2014
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