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Big Traditional Art Contest: Sagat's History by Marvin000 Big Traditional Art Contest: Sagat's History by Marvin000
This is my first piece for :iconfighting-games-elite:'s Big Traditional Art Contest, which was just simply drawn on a piece of strathmore art board, with pencil, pigment liners and markers.

So, naturally I chose one of my favourite charaters, in Sagat to be the subject matter.

Probably one of the most noble and interesting characters, Sagat at one point was driven to obsession to get revenge upon Ryu for leaving a massive scar upon his chest, during their first encounter in the Street Fighter tournament.

Sagat's thirst for revenge, led him to make decisions that would otherwise go against his own nature, as he would join Shadowloo, and become M. Bison's personal bodyguard, to use their resources to track down Ryu, so he could avenge his loss.

Luckily for Ryu, Sagat would realize that his quest for revenge was pointless, and that the road that Ryu was on, the path of self improvement was the where he had deviated from and needed to get back to.

The reason, why Dan Hibiki is featured in this piece, is the fact that Dan's father, Go Hibiki was the man, that damaged Sagat's eye, thus causing him to wear an eye patch. Thus, pushing Dan to seek revenge for the death of his father, at the hands of Sagat. Meanwhile, the reason why Adon is there, is due to the fact that Adon is Sagat's former student and looks to oust his former teacher, and become the God of Muay Thai himself.
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April 30, 2015
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